BladeCast Masters 《骑马与砍杀:战团》电子竞技精英赛

BladeCast Masters
Greetings warriors of Calradia!
For the past 8 years, we have watched while our amazing multiplayer community has established and fostered an active competitive scene for Mount & Blade: Warband. We were so impressed by the dedication and efforts of our community that we decided to get directly involved by hosting the Battle of Bucharest LAN tournament last year, which was hugely successful and extremely well received!
We have decided that would like to move further in this direction and take a more hands-on approach with the competitive scene moving forward. That is why today we are excited to announce our involvement with a new online tournament brought to you by our friends at BladeCast_TV.
The BladeCast Masters offers teams a chance to compete against some of the best European teams in the Mount & Blade: Warband competitive scene. The finalists will receive prizes provided by us, which include t-shirts, posters, and copies of Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (upon the game’s release!).
BladeCast Masters为参赛队伍提供与《骑马与砍杀:战团》欧洲最强队伍比试的机会。入围者将获得由我们提供的包括T恤、海报以及《骑马与砍杀2:霸主》游戏(在游戏发布后)在内的奖品。
Sign-ups for the tournament are now open and can be accessed here: 
Sign-up here!
We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our new dedicated social media channels which we will be using to help promote and grow the competitive scene of Mount & Blade. Make sure to follow the channels to stay up to date with everything happening in the competitive scene!
You can also keep up to date with everything that happens throughout this event by following BladeCast_TV at: